Unfortunately, there are a few places where you are either not allowed to bring your dog or you do not want them to go with you. These places include hospitals, a few restaurants and hotels, honeymoon trip, business trip or any holiday. There are also times when you do not want them to stay at home because of an event, fireworks or an overnight party or during a renovation work at home as these can be stressful for them.

This is when a dog hotel or a dog boarding comes into picture. It is very convenient to have a place where you can keep your dog safely. You should always have such a place ready to keep your dog as in emergency situations you need someone to take care of the dog in your absence. Even before you become a dog owner, you should always keep a back up place you can trust in case you are away. However one needs to make sure that these places or people can take care of the dog in a proper way.

A good pet hotel will take good care of the dog and pay all the attention they need. Dogs prefer home away from home and they get it here. There are many reasons why you should choose such a boarding place for your furry friend.

• Since dogs love the companionship of humans, they will love the place as there are professionals who love them and take care of them at the facility.

• There are several dog sitters and one can select them according to their choice to take care of their pet friend. These dog sitters are trained professionals and can easily take charge. They are responsible and caring and the dog will not have any problem staying under their care.

• One on one attention, fun games, activities and lots of walks will benefit the dog at the boarding facility.

• The dog will not have any problem settling in the place.

• In a dog boarding, they are free and can roam about with the dog sitter.

• Dogs suffer from less stress and anxiety as they have company.

• The dog will also get to socialize with other pet friends at the facility.

• There is less risk of the dog catching cough and other diseases.

• The dog sitters follow your dog’s routine of feeding, walking, grooming etc and therefore there is less disruption in their routine.