Importance Of Knowing What You Want

When you are about to make a purchase it is important to know what you or you can easily be persuaded by others to make a purchase that you don’t want. This is true when buying things as a big as houses and cars to things as small as buying products for dinner. Knowing what you want will allow you to save time and to save money. Your purchasing decision may be influenced if you go to the store and shop or even if you shop online.
Different influences when making a purchase
There are various influences when making purchasing decisions such as employees, advertisements, the people you know and current trends etc.
If you go to purchase a vehicle but not quite sure what you want you can easily be persuaded by marketing tactics and discounts. So if you think you know what you want it’s better to first lease the vehicle by going to a luxury car rental and testing it out before buying one to keep to make sure that’s the vehicle you want.
Unfortunately you cannot lease all products before purchase like rent Ferrari and other vehicles. If you want a pair of shoes you will have to buy it. But you should buy shoes based on the factors important to you and not based on the things employees at the store will say. You should know if you want to buy shoes that are currently popular, the price range you are looking at and what occasions you want to buy them for.
Stores can manipulate you
Touching products makes it more likely that you will buy the product. This is why shiny colorful packages are used so more people will pick them up and see what’s inside them. This is why there is a lot of detail that goes into packaging certain products.
The right music can make products that are expensive be more appealing. This is because music causes feelings so you are not thinking. If the music causes you to have happy and good feelings you may buy the product regardless of the price.
How to know what you want
Firstly you should know the type of item that you want. When buying clothes you should decide if you want high quality clothes so that will depend on the type of store you shop at, you should also decide the price you are willing to spend ,take opinions from a friend or family member and ask them what you look good in and which colors suit you best. You should also pay attention to advertisements and see what shops will have the styles you normally wear.