Let Them Know That You Love Them!

There are many things that we leave unsaid in our lives. Sometimes these things are better left unsaid. However, there are certain occasions where we later think that certain things should have been said, and it causes much regret. Our days on this Earth are limited, and most of us are too busy running after things that are temporary such as power, wealth and fame, where we forget the things that truly matter such as love, affection and friendship. Therefore, it is important to know, and to let the people that we care about know that the love is real. Saying it and portraying it would bring great happiness to the person who is hearing it as well as the person who is saying it.
There are many people who come to our lives, stay there for a while and leave, but then there are many who have stayed behind us in many phases of life, unconditionally. People like that deserve appreciation, and it is our human nature to take many things for granted. It is up to us to realize that we should not take things for granted. Even a simple “thank you” or a task as simple as a flowers delivery to their place would bring much joy, and you would have the satisfaction of letting them know that they are loved. There are many people in our lives who will not be able to stay in it for long. The bitter truth is that death will come to all of us and therefore rather than mourning after someone is gone, letting them know that you appreciate them when they are living is infinite times better.
Things get a lot easier when you actually say what is going on in your mind. Hiding the true feelings will not do anyone good. Gestures such as simple ‘Thank you’s and ‘take care’s matter a lot to those who are at the hearing end of them than to those who are saying it. One should always let people know that they are loved and appreciated. It will not be a hard task to order flowers and let them be delivered to your loved ones. These simple things will let them know that they matter, and if they are going through some troubles or some plain bad days, these things will surely brighten up their day. It would be what you would want for them as well, and making people happy is one of the best ways to be happy yourself.
Therefore, never leave the fact that you appreciate or love someone unsaid. Everything is unpredictable and knowing and letting people know that they matter, actually matters.