It’s quite fascinating how oblivious we can get to our surroundings; particularly with our living space. Though we live in the same house and room for years, we are not so observant to its shabbiness and dullness. This is probably because the changes happen gradually, and since we live there, our eyes are trained to overlook those flaws. And by the time we do notice; the flaws have turned into something bigger and less hard to ignore.

But how can you improve your living space without having to empty your bank? If you are interested in knowing the answer to this question, read ahead…!

• Know that change can start small. Since you are not looking for luxury interior design options, don’t think of knocking down walls or similar major projects. Instead, focus on the little things. Fix the dripping taps, replace the broken window latch, swap the scratched mirrors and window panes. These are all very small changes (that you can gradually do), but makes a huge impact.

• Invest on a little paint. Even if you’d only peaked at residential interior design magazines, you’d notice that wall paint makes a huge difference in making a house look presentable. Even if you cannot paint the whole house at once, consider painting one room at a time; starting from the bedroom. Link here to find out more about residential interior design in Dubai.

• Learn to live a clutter free life. Just like we overlook the leaks and creaks of our homes, we also tend to overlook the clutter that piles up around our homes. Clean, clear and give away the unwanted; including clothes and furniture.

• Deal with your furniture. Consider upgrading your furniture. Even if it’s just one furniture, it makes a difference; especially if it happens to be the bed or the living room couch. A fresh coat of paint, or new upholstery can help too. At the very least, get it professionally cleaned and vacuumed; as this too counts as an upgrade.

• Concentrate on natural and artificial lighting. Embrace the sunlight into your home by moving furniture that block the sunlight from entering your home. New drapes too can help here; so, replace them. Install modern lighting throughout your home. Replace the existing dimming bulbs with brighter ones.

• Give your kitchen a little love. As a room that gets heavy use, kitchens tend to get shabby faster than you think. Apart from giving it new color, or installing better lighting, you might also want to upgrade your stove and refrigerator; especially if it has been acting up for a while. Pay attention to kitchen drawer pulls and cabinet handles, replacing them if needed…