If there’s ever a holiday destination better than Dubai for a “treat yourself holiday”; then we are yet to hear of it! Filled with luxurious buildings and elegance in every corner, it’s a city that begs to be explored. A travel companion would definitely make a visit here memorable; but you don’t need one to enjoy yourself completely.

If this is you first time to the elegant city of Dubai, and you don’t really know how to make it memorable; then look no further. Here are our recommendations on how you can be guaranteed to have blast; alone or with company…!

Play the tourist; tour it all!

How often do you get to play the tourist? Not that often? Great! Here’s your opportunity. Do a little internet combing and find out what activities in Dubai interests you. Since they have everything from cruises to hikes, you are definitely going to find something that will interests you. The desert safari price of tour may be lesser than a cruise, but the enjoyment’s the same.

Spend your money.

What better way to pamper yourself than to buy what makes you happy…? And what better place to do that shopping, than at a no tax country? Electronics, makeup, art work; there’s something there for everyone regardless to their gender. Let yourself loose and enjoy shopping in this luxurious city’s hustling and bustling streets.

Become a foodie for the duration of the trip.

If you don’t feel the Hatta mountain safari or a day spent shopping is really the thing to catch your eye, then what about the food? Whether it’s street food or elegant restaurants, this city has it all. And as a city that has immigrants and expats of so many countries and cultures, it’s obvious that the food here will be of many varieties as well. Take the time to enjoy the food here. Put the diet on pause for just the holidays, and give in to the inner foodie of your heart. Link here http://www.thecitysmart.com/page.php?page_id=34 to find out more about Hatta mountain safari.

Breath in the city.

This is or most important tip.

Relax…it’s not a race against time. This is your well-deserved break from the busy life you lead. Take a moment to breath in the city. admire the speeding vehicles, the lined eyes, the elegant clothes and the mixture of languages. Drink in the splendor of the admirable architecture. Pause to take in the view from a top of the skyscrapers or mountain tops. We know you’re going to be snapping dozens of pictures to upload on to your social media accounts. Just don’t forget to take a few mental images to store in your happy memory place…